An electronic pelvic floor trainer to win worth £149.99

Becoming a Mummy can have consequences for your post-baby body! So we have an electronic pelvic floor trainer to win worth £149.99.

It can be a devastating blow to realise that you are no longer in complete control of your body after you have gone through the stresses and strains of giving birth.

Kegel8 understands all too well the effect that pelvic floor dysfunction has on every single aspect of a woman’s life.

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Whether bladder weakness causes you to be too embarrassed or anxious to leave the house, if a prolapse is making it difficult for you to go to the toilet or an uninspired sex life has led to relationship problems, in a matter of just 12 weeks, the Kegel8 Ultra 20 can help you to turn things around.

Clinically proven pelvic floor exercises are delivered by the pelvic toner to exercise your pelvic floor. It includes a vaginal probe that is comfortable for you to use after you have had a baby, even if you have suffered a prolapse.

The unit delivers pelvic floor exercises which can improve sensation in the area, help improve bladder and bowel continence and relieve pain. It exercises those pelvic floor muscles that have become weaker during prenancy and birth and makes them strong again. You can notice the beenfits within weeks if you follow the instructions correctly.

When entering, please put in your child’s expected due date or date of birth as day / month / year

How long will it take to see a change in your pelvic floor muscles??

2 weeks12 weeks10 weeks

Competition closes 31 May 2018, one entry per person.

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