Dads feel guilty for not spending time with kids

UK Dads are feeling guilty that they are not spending enough time with their children, a new survey reveals.

Hoop, the app that connects parents, has conducted a survey on the amount of time Dads spend with their little ones and they say that nearly half of all dads feel guilty about not spending more quality time with their children.

48.2% of British Dads said they feel bad about not spending more quality time with their children at the weekend and 30% of parents feel as though they are ‘part-time’ – spending fewer than five hours’ quality time with their children each week. 

However, the research carried out by Hoop (, the free app which helps parents find kids’ activities close to home, however, proves it isn’t all doom and gloom.

In Liverpool, more than 60% of dads feel happy about the amount of time they spend with their kids and in Newcastle dads spend 10 hours 30 minutes with their children over the weekend which is 90 minutes more than the national average.

Brighton’s dads come out top in the UK, typically spending more time out the house doing family activities over a weekend than anyone else in the country. The most popular activities which dads get involved in are arts and crafts, sport, music and singing classes and, for those with little ones, attending baby and toddler groups.

The bad news is that 39% of dads are prone to leave planning what to do with their kids until the last minute, with 40% of dads feeling guilty for being under prepared and just under 1 in 5 dads left feeling inadequate compared to other parents. 

The good news is that Hoop is already being used by over 400,000 British families so can help solve all those problems without costing a penny.  The free app lists more than 23,000 family friendly events, aimed at 0 to 11 year-olds, every month, across hundreds of categories. There’s everything from kids’ comedy classes and parkour to coding classes and family ‘raves’ and Hoop’s powerful features allow parents to home in on the things that matter most – from events that are within walking distance to those suitable for a specific age range.

Max Jennings, dad and co-founder of Hoop, says, ‘Hoop is the result of me and some other dads realising that a lot of fun kids’ activities in our local area were ‘under the radar’. We created Hoop to allow parents to find out quickly and easily about the activities on offer near them. The easy-to-use app is free and so are one in five activities listed on Hoop, so budget really doesn’t have to be a huge issue.


In the run-up to Father’s Day an estimated 80,000 dads will be clicking on to make sure they make the most of the time they spend with their kids. It doesn’t cost anything, so why not give it a go!

Hoop Quality Time Index for Dads – Quality Time Spent with Children at the Weekend


Top Cities Bottom Cities
  1. Newcastle – 10 hrs 30 mins
  2. Cardiff – 10hrs
  3. Glasgow – 9hrs 48 mins
  4. Leeds – 9hrs 26 mins
  5. Brighton – 9hrs 22 mins
  1. Edinburgh – 7hrs 49 mins
  2. Sheffield –  8hrs 2mins
  3. Bristol – 8hrs 30 mins
  4. London – 8hrs 38 mins
  5. Nottingham – 8hrs 56 mins
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