Little Chick London Bedside crib with breathable mattress to win

little chick london

We have a Little Chick London Bedside crib with breathable mattress to win worth £134.99

Many new parents are tempted to co-sleep with their babies but the Lullaby Trust says the safest place is in the parents’ room in a cot or Moses basket.

The Little Chick London bedside crib offers a perfect alternative – with baby close to you and totally visible but contained in his own safe, breathable, hygienic environment.

The same height as most adult beds, the crib has breathable mesh sides allowing clear visibility, optimum air flow and temperature control.

The breathable crib mattress uses the latest technology in high performance fabrics, offering superior support, is breathable, anti-allergen and has a removable, machine washable cover.

Little Chick London

What are the sides of the crib made from?

woodbreathable meshwood

Competition closes 31 August 2017, one entry per person.

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