Water Babies and Tommy’s share adorable baby swim video

tommysWater Babies, the classes that teach very young babies and children how to swim, has linked up with the charity Tommy’s to show the reactions of nanies as they come up from the water during an underwater swim class

The babies are all getting ready to take part in the Splashathon event – this is a fundraising campaign for Tommy’s, the baby charity, which takes place every two years.

Every baby in the video was either born very premature or they are ‘rainbow’ babies – children who are born following a previous loss.


There will be a series of Splashathon events, including one where babies are sponsored swimming a width in fancy dress. The money raised will go to research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

One in four women in the UK lose a baby during pregnancy or birth, and around one in every 27 babies are stillborn per year, equivalent to 10 babies a day. In addition, 684 babies are miscarried every day.

The babies and their parents hope to raise £1 million for the charity’s life-saving work, such as the Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research, for up to two and a half years. The long term partnership between Water Babies and Tommy’s has raised £2.7m in the last ten years.

Paul Thompson co-founder of Water Babies, the world’s leading baby and toddler swim school, said, “The Splashathon campaign is a perfect chance for us, and the mums and dads who attend, to support families who may have had difficult and devastating experiences in pregnancy or childbirth. Every pound raised will help to save babies’ lives.”

Splashathons will be taking place across the UK throughout June and July. For more information, including how to donate to Tommy’s, please go to their website.

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