10 exercise tips for post-baby mummies

We asked the experts at MAMAWELL for their top tips on getting back into an exercise routine after having a baby

Having a baby comes top of the list of ‘life-changing’ experiences and this all-encompassing new arrival allows little time for the things previously taken for granted like exercising regularly, being on time for lunch, finishing a conversation and knowing that your clothes were still clean 10 minutes after you put them on! We wouldn’t change it for the world but sometimes it feels like the ‘old you’ has disappeared whilst you spend all your energy on your new most important person. Exercise can be a great way to carve out time for yourself, generate a little more energy and keep you strong – for yourself and your baby.

Here are our top tips for wellness and getting back into exercise postpartum.

1. Don’t rush it. You and your body have been on an amazing journey carrying and birthing your baby, respect it and listen to it! When the time is right to get exercising again, you will know. Start small and simple and be kind to yourself.

2. Show yourself regular gratitude – whether that’s a few minutes’ quiet time by yourself, a walk without the baby, a new outfit or a lie-in (we wish!) – try and schedule in some me-time, as you’ll have never been as busy as you are with a new baby.

3. Find a type of exercise that you feel motivated to do and love! Whether it’s yoga or spinning, weights or swimming, make this precious time you’ve carved out enjoyable for you. Find your happy place and try to love getting a sweat on!

4. Find someone knowledgeable about post-natal fitness who can help you get working safely on your pelvic floor, core muscles and back strength. These parts of your body in particular will have had extra strain on them during pregnancy childbirth. It is important to strengthen them postpartum but in the correct way. A professional can guide you through some effective exercises that are easy and safe to do at home.

5. Try and make time for some cardio, but make it low-impact to protect your pelvic floor. There are plenty of ways to raise your heartrate and to sweat without running and jumping – find some exercises that you love and can make work for you.

6. Make sure you acknowledge any aches and pains in your body. There are so many muscles that are being activated constantly through feeding and carrying the baby, plus pushing the pram. Take note if your back, wrists, pelvis or shoulders are aching, and try to take a break (or even better, take time by yourself for a massage!).

7. Try and find a group of women who are in a similar position to you so that you can support each other, lift each other up when you’re down and celebrate the little (and big!) things. Having a baby can be a little isolating, as even your best friends can’t understand exactly what’s happening to you if they haven’t gone through it themselves. Friends who are new mums like you will really understand, and this support is key.

8. Try and combine your mum friends and exercise! Find something you can all enjoy together and make it a regular occasion to keep you all motivated.

9. Know when to ask for help. Having a baby is a joy but also incredibly emotional, tiring and time-consuming. Try and be aware when things might be getting on top of you, and ask for time out. Whether it is your partner, friend or other family member – allow them to help you, take the baby out, cook for you or whatever it is that will help you get back on track and restore your energy

10. Live the little moments. The time goes so quickly and before you know it your little one will be bigger than you ever imagined. Live in the present, don’t wish it away but remember the mantra when difficult moments present themselves: “this too shall pass”. Before you know it you’ll be on to the next stage and wonder why you ever stressed about the previous one!

A good post-natal class or trainer can be a great guidance when getting back into fitness after birth. MAMAWELL boot camps provide support and expertise or personal training sessions help with more targeted goals. Contact us for more information







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