10 top tips for hiring childcare staff

choosing childcare

Choosing someone to look after your child can be difficult, especially if you are new to hiring staff. We asked the Maternity Nurse Association to give us their 10 top tips for hiring childcare staff. We hope you find it useful!

1. Do your research; is a Maternity Nurse or Night Nanny right for you?

2. Lots of agencies have role definitions on their websites – have a look

3. Talk to your partner and write up a job description including the hours and duties you expect the person to work

4. Register with a reputable agency such as Prestige Parenting

5. Take your time looking through CVs, as it can be overwhelming

6. Organise interviews without the children present to allow you the time to ask questions

7. Organise a trial for a day where the Nanny meets your children and see how they get on

8. Make sure the Nanny and you are on the same page with regards to discipline, education and nutrition

9. Check their references

10. Offer the job, sign a contract – and relax!


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