Adapting to Mothers Naturally

Medela’s latest pump adaps to mothers naturally, in hospital and at home                                                                

Medela is delighted to unveil the PersonalFit™ PLUS, a brand-new reusable pump set designed for the Symphony, the unique hospital grade double electric breast pump that has supported more than 1000,000 mums in the UK alone and many many more  women worldwide. The ground-breaking design has been clinically proven to deliver more milk and more comfort, when compared to standard pump sets.

The powerful and efficient double electric breast pump, which is used in 75 per cent of UK hospitals, is the very same pump that mums can rent for less than £1.50 a day. Now, with the arrival of the PersonalFit™ PLUS, which will come as standard with all Symphony rentals, mums can be rest assured they have the latest technology and very best support at hospital and when they get home.

Quite simply no other breast pump compares; it might not be glamorous, but when it comes to supporting mother’s with multiples, preterm infants, or those returning to work early or exclusively expressing, it excels.

Following clinical research, it was proven that the new ground-breaking design of the PersonalFit™ PLUS helps mums to express 11 per cent more milk after 15 minutes of pumping, compared to standard pump sets. In addition, not only did mothers describe pumping as feeling more natural during the research, 100 per cent of those involved positively evaluated its fit. Its unique oval shape makes it more comfortable for different breast shapes, while the 105-degree angle minimises breast tissue compression.

The new PersonalFit™ PLUS comes in a range of sizes to help optimise nipple fit; it is also super easy to use as it consists of just a few parts. In addition, the new pump sets have integrated overflow protection, so mothers do not need to worry about milk entering the tubing or motor during use, allowing for more comfortable sitting positions while expressing.

The Symphony itself provides a unique level of support for those with high demand for breastmilk. Its research-based pumping programs have been developed specifically to support mothers throughout their lactation journey: to initiate, build and maintain milk supply.

Available direct from Medela, or from rental agents up and down the country, the pump can be delivered next day.

This costs £47 per month and you can find more information on the website.
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