aden + anais launches innovative sleeping bag

aden + anais, known for its muslin swaddling, sleeping, feeding and bath time products, has launched its Snug Fit Sleeved Sleeping Bag.

This innovative and stylish sleeping bag is designed to help babies (and their parents!) enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

On average, parents of newborn babies can expect to get little more than four hours sleep per night during the first year of a baby’s life. This equates to roughly fifty nights of lost sleep per year, which can seriously affect the health of both parents and baby. Reduced concentration, raised blood pressure and a weakened immune system are just some of the common side effects from lack of sleep, which is why aden + anais designed the innovative snug fit sleeved sleeping bag to help prevent the moro (or startle) reflex from waking babies, ensuring a better night’s sleep.

The Snug Fit Sleeved Sleeping Bag features a modern quilted design with a 1.5 tog comforted weighted cotton fabric with three-quarter length sleeves. It mimics the secure feeling of being inside the womb by encouraging a sounder sleep without overheating. Designed with comfort and breathability in mind, the sleeping bag opens from bottom to top, to ensure speedy night-time changes while the innovative sleeved design snugly fits the upper body and arms, making baby feel safe and secure, thereby preventing the startle reflex.

The Snug Fit Sleeved Sleeping Bag costs £40 and comes in three sizes to fit birth to three months, three to six months and six to nine months and in three colours: cream with mint stitching, cream with pink stitching and heather grey with blue stitching .

It’s available from aden + anais as well as selected retailers nationwide including Harrods, Selfridges and Natural Baby Shower

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