Baby brand moves from one family to another


Family cosytoes brand Buggysnuggle passes to a new family

Many parenting brands are born out of personal experience.  For one mum, her story has seen over 20 years of passion, dedication and love for a brand she developed when her kids were small. She felt so strongly about her ‘baby’ that she wanted to hand it to another parent who would love it as much as she does, for its next chapter.

Buggysnuggle is a British brand formed in 1998 by mum Sarah Wickins, when she identified the need for a soft ‘cosy-toes’ type product when she was a parent to small children herself.  Starting from an idea at a baby show to a dining room business run by Sarah and her friend Jo, to a small factory in Salisbury, it grew quickly to supply retailers such as John Lewis. Now Sarah is moving on and began her search for another parent to take on the brand.

Lia Murrain, who had been in the nursery goods industry for many years, always had a special love for the Buggysnuggle™ brand. After her first daughter was born sven years ago, she bought the product and smiled when she was stopped in the street to be asked what that snuggly footmuff was.

Years later, when Lia heard that Sarah was looking for a new owner she got in touch and has taken over as the new owner.

Lia comments, “After admiring this beautiful British brand for 17 years, I am over the moon to take on the reins as the new owner of this much-loved brand. I couldn’t be happier at the opportunity .”

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