BabyBjörn launches the love manifesto for parents

babybjorn love manifesto

There’s a brand new version of the Baby Carrier One and to celebrate, baby products company BabyBjörn has launched a fun new campaign to celebrate the hard work parents do and and to support parents everywhere.

The Love Manifesto has three major themes:

* Trust yourself

* Create your own rules

* Invent your own parenting

BabyBjörn knows that parents are often struggling to know what’s right. Unrealistic expectations and demands from other people and social media put pressure on expectant and new parents. Lots of Mummies and Daddies surf the internet to look for parenting inspiration – only to find themselves the target of negative comments and harsh criticism from other for their parenting choices. BabyBjorn says that parenting isn’t a competition and that all parents should trust their own choices.

They say you should trust your own instincts, set your own standards and develop your own unique parenting style.

The new BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One and BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Air have been re-designed with the assistance of 100 real families, paediatricians, babywearing practitioners and medical experts. All parts of the carriers have been analysed to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible for both parent and baby. The better the ergonomics, the longer you’ll be happy wearing your baby and the carrier will support a growing baby’s neck, hips and spine perfectly, whilst leaving your hands free.

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babybjorn love manifesto

Sagal, one of BabyBjorn’s campaign champions, says: “Motherhood is all about creating your own rules. Everything is going to be fine because it is your child and you know your child best. No one has the perfect say on parenting. You have to make up your own rules along the journey.”

Discover more about the changes to the carriers at:

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