Behind the brand: Gudrun Wurm of Little Butterfly London

We meet the founder of the natural skincare brand and find out what’s behind her passion for natural skin

“My parents were hoteliers and I grew up in a hotel in Austria, so I studied tourism management.  It wasn’t 100% my passion but it’s what my parents had chosen for me back then. I took advantage of the positives and saw this as a great opportunity to travel and explore different professions within the industry.   I spent time in the US, Switzerland, New Zealand, and then France for 10 years, before finally settling in London, where I have lived for the past 13 years.   

“During the course of my career, I worked in events management on the Cote d’Azur, which was really fun due to the glitz and glamour.  I then joined YPO, a renowned CEP organisation, where I looked after international events in Europe and the Middle East.  I became the Director of the Europe region, which again was a lot fun as I got to travel non-stop for six years across the globe.  My travels gave me the added bonus of being able to visit duty-free departments around the world and discover new products in beauty and skincare, which has been a real passion of mine from a young age!   

“I have always been passionate about skincare and hold high standards in terms of the products I use.  When I had my son Lucas, it became apparent that the same criteria I look for in products for myself just wasn’t available for babies.  A baby’s skin can absorb up to five times as many chemicals as ours, so I searched for organic products suitable for sensitive newborn skin, that were safe, gentle and effective, yet also beautifully presented, but frustratingly there just weren’t any product ranges that ticked all the boxes.  

“The idea came to me after the birth of Lucas and it developed from there, with Little Butterfly London finally launching in 2014.  I realised there was a huge gap in the market for luxurious skincare products that mummies could use safely during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. I immersed myself in the world of gentle plant actives and learning about ingredients that can nourish, soothe and protect all at once. The result of my studies was the launch of the UK’s first luxury organic-certified skincare range.

“Pregnancy and childbirth are totally amazing but they take their toll on us, so a bit of pampering along the way is just what every mummy needs to make the journey that bit more pleasurable!  My friends and family were amazingly supportive and were always on-hand with feedback, advice and encouragement.   

“I’m really passionate about Little Butterfly London and find excitement in so many aspects of what we do.  I love hearing the amazing feedback from customers, while the opening of every new retail account is incredibly exciting too – Harrods recently took on our range, which was such an amazing moment for us!  Award wins are another aspect that bring great joy too; it’s always wonderful to get endorsements and recognition from the industry!  

“Combinign work and home life can be tricky but I think it’s important to try and keep the lines defined between both worlds as much as possible; this way you can keep 100% engaged in what you are doing and stay ‘in the moment’.  I cherish my time with my son, so a hearty breakfast is a very important and special start to our day before he heads off on the school bus.  While he’s at school I’m in total ‘work mode’, focusing on developing the brand and getting products out to customers and potential buyers.  At the end of the working day, there’s nothing better than seeing Lucas again.  I’ll help him with his homework, and then I catch up on his day over dinner, leaving us with a few hours of quality time before his bath and bedtime.  Once Lucas is tucked up, I might catch up on a few work emails, but mostly I will use this last part of the evening to get organised for the next day.       

“Outside of work, I think one of my biggest indulgences and what I would not compromise on is my daily sports and meditation practice.   It takes time out of my day but I see it as a great investment as it’s so important for me to stay energised, healthy and balanced. 

“To fit it all in to your working and life day, I think being organised is key. Whether at home or work, to-do lists and plans allow you to get the most out of every minute of the day. 

“It’s also really important to find time for you; if you’re stressed and burnt out, then you are going to struggle.  I will meditate for an hour every day when I wake at 5:30am, this is a great stress relief but also helps you gain focus for the day ahead.  I also like to go for a 40 minute jog after Lucas goes to school, to get the blood pumping and endorphins flowing.  Starting the day like this really sets you off on the right foot, it helps relieve stress but also energises you, so you are able to get the best out of the day, whether at home or at work.    ”

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