Behind the brand: we meet Kirsty Ettrick of London Medical Concierge

London Medical Concierge

Kirsty Ettrick is founder and CEO of London Medical Concierge, which she started in 2014 when a life-changing event happened.

“I was a busy mum with three babies under six years old, one of whom I was still breastfeeding. When my young husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, I needed to act quickly to find the best doctors and hospitals where he could have a chance to fight for his life. There was no support available to people like me, no one who could listen and act on my behalf, tell me where to go, introduce me to new treatment options and arrange the logistics for me. I was stunned that there were so many lifestyle concierge products out there but nothing for medical which is the scariest time for people desperate for some help.

“I began London Medical Concierge to help others in the same situation and now, we work with all the major Hospitals and clinics in London such as The London Clinic, Bupa Cromwell and The Lister. For private maternity care, we offer both the Lindo Wing and the Portland Hospital.

“We are an impartial service and not tied to any one facility; it was important to me that I had all doors open for my patients. No two patients’ care is the same, so everything we do is bespoke, matching the right doctor to the patient and their family, which is so important. 

“For women thinking of using our service, we start with a call or meeting to truly understand their needs, location, family dynamics, budget, religion, even down to what time they eat as a family, so we don’t disturb them. A good concierge should be working for their members behind the scenes; if there is too much time commitment from the client, it defeats the purpose.

“Things that our clients find useful are:

  • Booking appointments around their family and work commitments
  • Choosing a consultant for them that may be gender- or age-specific to relate to their issue
  • Liaising with diaries and arranging routine screening such as Cervical smears and mammograms
  • Managing routine vaccinations for children
  • Egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation) to achieve pregnancy in the future
  • Discreet fertility assistance, co-ordinating medical and holistic assistance to obtain optimal outcomes
  • Being able to call us about partner or parent concerns; busy woman often have to juggle their care too and we can help take that pressure off
  • Managing any queries on hospital bills

“We offer access to second opinions on a diagnosis, cancer treatment such as access to immunotherapy and clinical trials, mental health, fertility, all surgeries, a full range of specialist children’s paediatricians, GP visits to the home, private nursing and maternity support.

“Each new client is appointed a patient liaison manager. Our managers work with our pregnant women throughout their pregnancy to book their appointments, liaise with midwives and consultants if there are any concerns, follow up results from any tests such as Nuchal assessment or gestational diabetes, manage scan bookings and organise regular monitoring. We can work with women to plan ahead to the birth of their baby and arrange any extra comforts for them, as childcare for older children, cars to collect family members, grocery deliveries or even for the room to be scented with gorgeous flowers.

“Some overseas clients will arrive close to their delivery, so we can work with them from their home countries to prepare for the birth as we would a domestic client. We are on hand to forward up-to-date antenatal documents such as blood and scan reports to their assigned team. We can spend time with them giving them an insight into what they may expect when they arrive in the UK and give them a feel for the hospital they have chosen. Our team will also be on hand to arrange transportation, accommodation, domestic staff, childcare for older children and perhaps things such as doulas or night nurses for their recovery.”

London Medical Concierge is a supporter of Winston’s Wish, the leading childhood bereavement charity in the UK. It offers practical support and guidance to bereaved children, their families and professionals.

If you would like to find out more about using the services of London Medical Concierge, please click here.

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