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Having kids is great fun but it seems that there are some places in the UK that are better fun than others. Family app Hoop has found the best city for family fun in Britain

Hoop, Britain’s number one family app, has revealed that seaside town Brighton is Britain’s best city for family fun, while Preston, Manchester and Birmingham fare the worst, with 80% fewer activities for kids than the national average.

Hoop lists over 50,000 different events and activities for children nationwide each month and its ‘Family Fun Report 2017’ is based on more than 2.5 million searches by parents. The results show that Edinburgh is the best city for new families, with more activities for babies per new birth than anywhere else in Britain.

London has plenty going on too, with 50% more activities per person than the national average, with Kingston upon Thames, Richmond upon Thames and Camden proving to be the best boroughs.

There’s also good news for parents in the East Midlands, as they have more free family-friendly activities per capita of children than anywhere else – one in four events and activities are completely free, compared to just one in seven in the North East.

Creative activities, such as arts and crafts, music and singing are most popular, while ‘bring your own baby’ entertainment, toddler raves, and VIP junior experiences are some of the biggest family entertainment trends in 2017.

Hoop’s new research reveals the gap in access to family activities across the nation. Most starkly Preston, Britain’s poorest-served city, has eight times fewer activities per capita than Brighton. Underscoring these figures is the reduced reach and funding of Sure Start centres across Britain, where recent local cuts have become a postcode lottery for families.

Commenting on the results, Max Jennings, daddy and co-founder of Hoop says:

“Analysing millions of family-friendly activities, the Hoop Family Fun Report 2017 reveals for the first time which parts of the country are best served for children’s activities.

Above all else, our report is a testament to the passion and energy of the thousands of organisations across the country that inspire and entertain our children; there’s never been more choice for families. 2017 has also been a pivotal year for new family entertainment, thanks to the rise in popularity of baby and toddler raves, comedy shows and family-friendly concerts. Parents are entertained just as much as kids!

Sadly, the report also reveals the playtime divide across the nation, with families in certain regions limited to a significantly restricted range of local activities. This discrepancy affects both children who miss out on opportunities to try new things and develop new interests and parents, who have fewer options to socialise with other local families.  This is something that is particularly vital for parents with young children, who can often feel lonely and isolated during the early years of childcare.”

Find out more and download the app at Hoop’s website


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