Breastfeeding images empower mummies

vital baby

It’s World Breastfeeding Week, so family brand Vital Baby has launched its new #bosombunch campaign.

Dedicated to feeding babies and infants for over 35 years, Vital Baby is focused on offering the best for mummy, baby and family and wants to give every new mummy the confidence and comfort she requires for the most natural and relaxing breastfeeding experience for her and her little one.

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Aligning with the objectives of World Breastfeeding Week, images of breastfeeding mums and top tips will be shared on Vital Baby’s Instagram Stories. Vital Baby will encourage as many mummies as possible to celebrate breastfeeding and get talking, sharing as many tips, images, feelings and thoughts about breastfeeding as possible.

The #bosombunch are a group of mums who feel comfortable sharing images of breastfeeding their babies to encourage other women to share their breastfeeding pictures with confidence and pride.

vital baby

Tracey Gilbert, Customer and Marketing Manager at Vital Baby says: “We created the campaign because we believe that breastfeeding is a natural experience and as such, we want to empower mums to feel confident and beautiful when breastfeeding.” 

Dean Tollman, Director of Vital Baby adds: “We felt passionately about getting involved with World Breastfeeding Week, especially as the campaign marks the anniversary of the Innocenti Declaration* – where participants at the WHO/UNICEF policymakers’ meeting in 1990 pledged to provide Protection, Promotion and Support of Breastfeeding. They stated that efforts should be made to increase women’s confidence in their ability to breastfeed and obstacles to breastfeeding within the health system, the workplace and the community must be eliminated – we applaud these values.”

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The benefits of breastfeeding are well known.  The Vital Baby NURTURE™ range of breastfeeding products and accessories ensures mummy has the choice to offer all the benefits of breast milk to her baby at all times, even when she cannot be with them. The range includes two breast pumps – one manual and one electric, breast pads and milk storage bags, designed for ease and convenience for mum.

For further information, visit the website. Products are also available exclusively from John Lewis.