Caught short when out and about with your baby?

ergo baby carrier


We all love going out with our little ones, whatever the reason. If it’s for fun, it might be taking a trip to the park, the zoo or the woods. If you have shopping or chores to do, you might visit a shopping mall, the post office or travel by public transport.

But there’s one normal, everyday thing we do that suddenly becomes a bit more problematic when you have your baby in tow – going to the loo!

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Whether your baby is in a pushchair or a carrier, using the bathroom when out and about can be – well, tricky.

Some lovely stores and restaurants have generously sized toilets that mean you can get in with your baby – sometimes even with your pushchair too.

But sometimes we are just not that lucky.

The first time you’re out with your baby in a carrier and suddenly realise you have to go is a funny one, to say the least.  Suddenly you realise that you can’t put your baby down on the loo floor, so they are going to have to come with you – strapped on!

ergo baby carrierImagine the fun of rearranging your clothing around your baby, bending down to pull up your trousers in a confined space and emerging with your attire and your dignity – intact.

Luckily, the Ergobaby Carrier is perfect for giving you the ability to do your – um – business hands-free. Many mums infinitely prefer having their baby in a carrier than leaving the door ajar to keep an eye on the buggy. Just another unusual skill that mums and dads develop to make the most of parenting!

Why not take a look at our guide to safe and happy baby wearing?

At this time of year, why not add a winter fleece cover to keep your baby warm on walks in the country?

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