Cot safety warning

mamas and papas safety notice

Mamas & Papas is warning parents about assembling cots correctly after the death of a baby.

Sadly, a baby was able to move some of the slats on the side of the cot and became wedged between the cot and a wall. The child was unable to breathe and died.

The cot is no longer on sale but Mamas and Papas is warning parents to check they have assembled the Sienna, Rialto, Alten and Riverside cots and to re-check when they change it from cot to cot bed mode. They have posted assembly videos and instruction booklets on their website here.

The cot concerned has three parts missing was therefore incorrectly assembled. They assure parents that it is safe and parents can use the cot with confidence if all parts are present and the cot is put together as per the instrctions.

A spokesman for Mamas & Papas said their safety review: ​”found that the cots are safe when assembled correctly and when the product instructions are followed​.”

Though the cot was discontinued in January 2018, Mamas & Papas has written to customers to remind them of how it should be put together.

When aseembling any item of baby or nursery equipment or furniture, you should ensure that you have all the parts and that the instructions are correctly followed. If there is any part missing or you have problems, contact the manufacturer. If buying second hand, make sure you can see the item and check all its parts before purchase. When changing the cot into a cot bed, make sure you again follow instructions and keep all extra parts safely and labelled for future use.

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