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Babies will be floating on clouds with this new sleep aid

Snuz has launched a brand new sleep aid, the SnuzCloud.

Snuz has introduced the latest item in its range of sleep products for babies. To complement the SnuzPod, nursery furniture, bedding and accessories, there’s now this gorgeous new sleep aid that looks like a happy, sleepy cloud.


The cloud is made from soft plush fabric and it has four calming sounds and two different light options; in combination, they are designed to soothe your little one when you are trying to get them to sleep for their daytime nap or for night time.

The sounds are a heartbeat to remind the baby of being inside its mother’s womb, pink noise (a deeper version of the white noise you’re probably familiar with), a melodious lullaby and a waterfall. The volume can be adjusted.


The light can be changed from a gentle pink glow to a soft white light that is useful for nappy changes and feeds at night or as a night light.

It has a handy strap that fastens with Velcro, so it can be attached to a pushchair or car seat to be taken with you on the go. At home you can fix it to the crib or cot.

You can discover more here

It costs £29.95

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