Duchess of Cambridge shows how to do pregnancy hair

Though she may still be suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the Duchess of Cambridge shows how to do pregnancy hair with a bouncy blow-dry at the Buckingham Palace reception for World Mental Health Day

Pregnancy can lead to a number of changes in your body but the best one is what it does for our hair. Last night, the Duchess of Cambridge attended a reception at Buckingham Palace to showcase the work of the Heads Together campaign as well as other menal health charities on World Mental Health Day.

But though we might not all have a stylist on tap, Johanne Herald, Senior Master Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons and a mummy-to-be herself, shares her tips and advice for caring for your hair when pregnant, just like Kate Middleton.

How does pregnancy affect your hair?

“On average, women lose around 50-250 hairs a day, regardless of whether their hair is thick or fine. As well as the daily ‘shed’, women go through a cycle every few years that lasts about three months, when they will find that they are losing more hair than usual; these cycles occur about 25 times in a lifetime.

“After giving birth or when stopping breast feeding, women will experience one of those ‘hair everywhere’ cycles. Some women may not notice this and will only notice new hair growth around their hairline. As annoying as this can be, it is a great sign that the hair lost has reproduced from the follicle and will grow. Following this, some women will opt for a fringe or face-framing layers so that the new growth is not so obvious.

“During pregnancy hair loss (shedding) will slow down, making your hair look and feel thicker.

“Due to surges in hormones in the early stages of pregnancy, women can expect to have unusually oily skin and hair, which may be responsible for that ‘glow’ some women can have throughout pregnancy. Upon reaching the second trimester, this should stop or slow down.”

Want to find products to suit your new pregnancy hair? See our top tips and pick of the best products here.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s hair always looks thick and fabulous – how can I recreate this look at home?

“Kate’s hair is always blow-dried to perfection with shine and volume, as she knows she will be photographed! Kate’s hair has always looked extremely thick and this is most likely due to the products she uses. If you have fine hair, try using a volumising products like the Kérastase Densifique range. This helps to boost hair fibres and encourage new growth stimulation.

“If we have pregnant clients in the salon who are going to a special event, I would recommend placing some extensions into the hair using Balmain Additions. If a client is worried about colouring hair, the alternative is adding highlights or lowlights without actually colouring the whole head. I would always recommend an additional patch test for pregnant clients, even if I have been colouring their hair for years (I’ve coloured my hair throughout my pregnancy and it’s fine but always best to be safe).”

If you could get your hands on her hair, what would you do to it?

“Kate’s hair always looks great! If I was to style her hair, I would cut a really cool midi bob, just below the collarbone. I would then add internal texture without obvious layering and grow out her fringe to a more centered boho peek-a-boo look, then wave the hair for a fresh new look. I’d also add a subtle balayage to the colour for soft dark caramel tones.

With thanks to Johanne Herald, Senior Master Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons

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