Get your flu jab

If you’re pregnant, you should book your flu jab now

Health professionals are urging pregnant women to take up the flu jab to protect them and their unborn babies against this potentially serious illness.

Whe you’re pregnant, you are at greater risk of having complications from flu in pregnancy, due to the fact that your immune system becomes weaker, so it’s more difficult to fight off infections.

Even though we are now some way through Winter, there are still likely to be outbreaks of flu and some medical professionals are worried at the low uptake of flu jabs this year. This could mean that any outbreaks might leave you at risk.

Having the flu jab will protect both you and your baby. Babies are even more at risk of complications and serious infection – such as bronchitis and pneumonia. You and your baby may also be at risk of middl ear infections and sepsis. Another complication is encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain.

Having flu in pregnancy may lead to your baby being born prematurely; it may have a low birthweight ot even be stillborn.

Contact your GP or doctor ti arrange your flu jab today.

Find out more about getting the flu jab during pregnancy.

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