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New vegan food book could have you changing your lifestyle

Over 250,000 people adopting a Vegan diet last year, with over half maintaining their newfound lifestyle. It’s a trend Bianca Zapatka has been passionately following as a writer, photographer, food stylist and recipe developer.

With over 600,000 Instagram followers, it’s no surprise Zapatka’s vegan cookbook became an instant hit, topping the vegan recipe book charts in Germany. It has now been translated into English, bringing hearty, wholesome plant-based cooking into anyone’s kitchen.

Vegan Foodporn: 100 Easy and Delicious Recipes has it all, without a morsel of meat or dairy in sight.

Wow, that’s vegan?! is the most common response to the photos posted by food blogger and Instagram star Bianca Zapatka.

Bianca’s recipes are completely plant-based and anything but boring. Her creations are a feast for the eyes and taste so good that they appeal to vegans and meat-eaters alike. Whether it’s vanilla pancakes with blueberry cream and white chocolate, burrito samosas with guacamole, tortellini with almond ricotta or chocolate peanut butter cake, in her extraordinary recipe book, Bianca reveals her 100 favourite dishes and shows how much fun vegan cooking can be.

With step-by-step pictures and practical tips and tricks, it’s easy to follow the recipes and create your very own foodporn!

“All of these recipes are unique to my book – this isn’t a compilation of other people’s stuff!” explains the author, who also runs a popular blog. “The vegan lifestyle has moved to become a solid and credible alternative to traditional ways of eating – and all of the research points to the benefits. I have set out to remove the restrictions most people usually associate with veganism, and prove you can enjoy the same dishes and never sacrifice flavour.”

She continues: “All of the recipes are simple to follow and purposefully designed for the amateur home cook, requiring no special equipment or expertise. It’s part of a wider movement to make veganism accessible to everyone, and ensure we can all reap the health and ethical benefits that come with a meat and dairy-free life. Follow me on Instagram for my daily inspirations!”

‘Vegan Foodporn: 100 Easy and Delicious Recipes’, from Lotus Publishing, is available now.

Plant Based Baby

And if you want to bring your baby up Vegan too, you can now buy Plant Based Baby, a guide to how to wean your little one safely, heathily and happily on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Plant Based Baby is written by B Magazine’s Editor, Sally J. Hall and you can also follow on Instagram @PlantBasedBaby_uk

Packed with tips, ideas and nutritional information, it has a weath of delicious recipes, photographed in gorgeous colour for you to make at home. It’s a must for any parents or parents-to-be who wish to follow their ethics when raising their baby.

Plant Based Baby is available as a Kindle book or paperback.

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