Great products to cope with two under two

two under two

Caring for two children under two is quite a challenge! There are some great products that make it easier, so take a look at our top picks.

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Double pushchair

phil and teds voyagerIt’s a fact of life that if you take out your baby in the pushchair, your toddler will not want to walk far. They might be capable but somehow, the thought of being all warm and snuggly in the pram really appeals – because the baby is in it! Prepare by have a really useful and adaptable pushchair like the phil & teds Voyager. A great single-to-double pushchair, you can take out one child or two and it will fit even quite heavy kids up to around five, so it will last you for years. For a newborn you can either adapt the seat to make a cosy bassinet, or clip on the car seat.

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Baby carrier

babybjorn carrier oneIf you want to go for a stroll with your toddler and your baby, a baby carrier is ideal as you can walk holding your toddler’s hand and put your baby in a carrier to keep them close to you. The Babybjorn One Carrier is great because you can carry your newborn facing you, then turn them to face the world when they can hold up their head. Later, you can take the weight of a heavier child on your hip or your back. It will take a child up to three years old. A carrier is also great of you start off with a pushchair and your toddler walking, as you can let the older child jump in when little legs get tired and pop your baby into the carrier.

How to cope with two under two

Buggy Board

Another fabulous invention is the Buggy Board, a ride-on platform that attached to the back of your pushchair. You can use it to drop your toddler off at a play group or nursery, then clip it up out of the way as you walk. Available in lots of different designs, it is sturdy and will last.

Bath seat

When it’s bath time, it’s great to be able to keep both children safe and bath them at the same time. That’s why you ought to invest in a bath seat like the Angelcare seat on which you can place your baby while you wash both babies. Make sure you never leave either child on their own in the bath and have plenty of toys for the toddler to play with!

Reclinable highchair

Meal times can be stressful, especially if you have a fussy eater to content with as well as a baby! A highchair that takes a newborn is a great asset to your battalion of baby products because your baby can be at the table with the rest of the family while you all eat and chat. If it then adapts to transform into a seat for an older child, all the better! The iCandy MiChair has a sear that is suitable for newborns and that will allow you to have your baby at table height. When your child is old enough, you can remove the padded seat to reveal a useful highchair and then later it changes into a child’s chair that has lower legs, so can be used with a child’s table. It even has removable rocking legs to soothe a fractious baby.


phil and teds travellerWhen your toddler wants to have some play time and you want a safe place to put your baby in the same room, a playpen is ideal. If it doubles as a travel cot, so much the better! A foldable cot like the phil&teds Traveller pops up in seconds and comes with its own travelling bag. It makes a great place for baby’s daytime naps, playtime and when you’re on holiday or visiting relatives.

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