Hoping to get pregnant this year?

planning a pregnancy in 2020

If you have been trying for a baby and have allowed yourself a little time off over Christmas now is the time to get started on your fertility journey once more

Now that the Christmas period is done, its time to start your fertility journey again. Here are some pointers for the first 12 days of your new plan to help you get back into the swing of things.

Dealing with stress

Christmas is a fun time but can also be pretty stressful! Now that all the festivities are done, its time to think about you. Remember to have a bit of time for yourself and your partner. Treat yourselves to a relaxing few days together, perhaps go away for a few days or relax at home. If you’re finding you’re still feeling anxious about restarting your journey, then holistic treatments such as hypnotherapy and acupuncture can be fantastic for relaxation.

Best times to get pregnant

As the saying goes, there is no good or bad time to have a baby, but there is the right time in your cycle to try for a pregnancy. Tracking your cycle to identify your fertile days can be vital in helping you conceive naturally. The myLotus monitor can help you to accurately track your cycle by measuring your exact levels of LH, ensuring that you can identify your LH surge.

Healthy tips for conception

After the indulgence of Christmas, it is now time to get on top of that diet. There are certain things that we know can help. Firstly Staying well hydrated will help with blood flow and general health. Small increases in protein in the diet can help with egg and sperm quality. Exchanging some of your low-fat dairy foods to high-fat dairy foods can help. This does not mean that you can eat loads of high fat ice cream! High-fat dairy in moderation can be useful for fertility, so perhaps try exchanging the skimmed milk in your tea for whole milk. Leafy green vegetables and oily fish can also be great for vitamin D and Omega 3. Generally, a well-balanced diet will help to keep sperm and egg quality high. 

Understanding your LH hormones/ovulation

LH or luteinising hormone is the hormone that triggers ovulation. Around the middle of your cycle, you will have what we call an LH surge. This is an increase in your LH levels. This is the trigger that tells your body to ovulate (release an egg). Ovulation will occur 24 – 36 hours after the LH surge.

Understanding and managing your cycle

You must understand how your cycle works. There are four main hormones that are involved in the menstrual cycle, FSH, LH, Oestrogen, and progesterone. The average cycle is 28 – 30 days, and ovulation will occur around day 14. Now, this is the textbook cycle. Many women will experience cycles that are different from the textbook, so ovulation can be challenging to pinpoint. Tracking your cycle to try and pinpoint your LH surge will help your chances of conception. The myLotus monitor will help you to do this accurately. Remember, day one of your cycle is your first full day of red bleeding. 

Avoiding certain foods, drinks and practices

There are several things we know can be harmful when trying to conceive. We know that smoking can cause significant damage to egg and sperm quality, reducing fertility. Smoking has also been linked to low birth weight and premature birth. If you can stop smoking when you decide to try for a baby, it can help your chances of conception. Alcohol in large quantities can also cause damage to eggs and sperm. Now, if you had a drink over Christmas, please don’t panic! A couple of Christmas drinks won’t have caused any damage. Now that you are ready to start on your journey again, it is the right time to think about reducing your alcohol intake or even cutting it out completely to ensure you are keeping eggs and sperm they can be. 

Intimacy suggestions (lovemaking vs. baby-making)  

It’s all so easy to fall into the trap of sex being a chore and stressful when you are trying for a baby. You begin to work to schedules and sometimes that can take the romance out of it. This process is hard, but remember you are still a couple, and sex should still be enjoyable. There is no sexual position that is better than another, so experiment and enjoy. Perhaps arrange a date night or two so you can spoil each other and keep that intimacy. 

Remaining Active

Now that we have entered 2020, it could be time to start being a little more active. We know that being active can help with fertility by helping to maintain a healthy weight. It can also help with blood flow, general health, and mental well being. You do not need to start running marathons! In fact, to much exercise can be detrimental. A daily 30-minute walk would be fine.

Staying healthy – weight

Weight can be an important factor when trying to conceive. Being too overweight or too underweight can affect ovulation and your menstrual cycle. Conditions such as PCOS do sadly make it very easy to gain weight and very difficult to lose weight; however, if you can try to lose weight when you have PCOS, you may find that your cycles begin to regulate.

Get Advice

If you are worried about your fertility, don’t suffer in silence, there are many groups and forums where you can obtain advice and support. You can also contact us at myLotus for any advice about your cycle. You can also have investigations carried out via your GP or a clinic. Remember, if you have tets done it doesn’t mean you then have to have any treatment. It’s your body; you decide what you want to do. 

Vitamin intake

The two main vitamins that I am going to recommend are folic acid, and vitamin D. Folic acid is important to take as soon as you decide you want to try for a baby. Folic acid will help to reduce the risk of problems in the baby’s development in the early weeks of pregnancy. Vitamin D can also be great to take when trying to conceive. These vitamins can often be found in pregnancy multivitamins, make sure you read the label. 

Have fun!

Time to get onto the swing of 2020! Planning for a pregnancy is an exciting time that sometimes involves some life changes. Please remember that you are a couple, enjoy each other and have fun, but if things do start to become stressful, don’t stop talking. There are always places where you can obtain advice and support, and the myLotus team are on hand to help.

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