How to buy a baby bouncing chair

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How to buy a baby bouncing chair

A bouncing chair is a great addition to your nursery’s equipment. If you have some chores to do and your baby is happy to have some fun with toys during his wakeful periods during the day, it’s a safe and comfortable place for him to be as long as you follow a few simple rules.

What are they?

Bouncing chairs are small, baby-sized seats that are perfect places for a small baby to sit, bounce and play. They can be made to bounce by the action of your baby kicking his arms and waving his legs or some have a power unit that creates a continual movement.

When can I use one?

You can use a chair almost from birth though do check that it is suitable – they will have guidelines in their instruction leaflets and your nursery retailer can help you ensure it is right for your child (they are not usually suitable for low birthweight and premature babies). They can usually be used up to around six to nine months but you should stop using them if your baby can roll or pull himself up, as there is a danger that they could turn the seat over.

How should I use it?

Your baby will need to be strapped safely into the seat using its internal harness. You should never leave yor child alone in the seat but always be in the room with them. Luckily, because they are small and portable you can take them with you from room to room.

Safety pointers

  • Never place the bouncing chair on a raised surface such as a table or near stairs
  • never carry the chair from room to room with your baby in it
  • always use the harness
  • never leave your baby alone in a room in the chair
  • always check the age and weight restrictions

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