How to use washable nappies

If you are considering using washable nappies for the sake of the planet, here is some helpful information for you to help you make the best choice

As the “David Attenborough Effect” takes hold and our lifestyle choices (hopefully) become more environmentally conscious, it is only natural that parents begin to consider their choices when it comes to nappies and wipes.

Did you know that over the course of infancy, one child will contribute a whopping 4,500 nappies to landfill? Those nappies will sit there for an estimated 500 years – existing on our planet for far longer than the child that wore them. That’s something to really think about isn’t it

Now also consider the fact that disposable nappies and wipes are single-use plastic – just like the coffee cups, shopping bags and plastic straws – things that we are all moving away from. A huge amount of resources go into producing a single disposable nappy, from the wood pulp and plastic polymers, to the tape and adhesives, only to be discarded after just a couple of hours’ use.

Eight million disposable nappies are thrown away every single day in the UK alone, so this is a serious issue that does need to be addressed.

The good news is that is there is a viable alternative and modern cloth nappies are easy and practical to use and will have a marked impact on reducing your household waste.

The team at The Nappy Gurus is making huge strides in educating parents about cloth nappies and reusable wipes. It’s not about guilt trips or mum-shaming but rather offering support and inspiration to help make the transition easy.

While the traditional stereotype of cloth nappies might be giant folded squares that need soaking, boiling and pinning, the modern reality is nothing like this at all.

Modern cloth nappies are as easy to change as a disposable and then rather than throwing them away, you wash them! It really need not be complicated and once you start using them, it will all just fall into place. Some parents will use a biodegradable disposable liner inside the nappy, which can help disposing of solids a bit easier and then the nappies themselves get washed ready to re-use. 

Most modern cloth nappies are also one-size-fits-all, so you can use the same nappy from birth through to potty training and then use them on future children too!

Best of all, if you replace 4,500 disposable nappies with 20-30 reusable ones and you will not only be saving the planet but an average of £800 too!

Wipes are another really simple switch to make – in fact, many parents who haven’t yet changed to cloth nappies have indeed replaced disposable wipes with reusable ones. This is because reusable wipes are so much more effective; because of the texture of the fibres, you will use one reusable wipe in place of five or six disposable wipes. Even if you are using them just for hands and faces, you will reduce your level of waste significantly by having a set of reusable wipes in your changing bag.

The Nappy Gurus very much advocate that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Perhaps you want to use cloth nappies around the house and disposables when out and about? Or cloth during the day and disposables at night? If you can find a balance that works for you, this is still much better than using disposables full time. Remember; for every cloth nappy you change, that is one less disposable that will go to landfill.

The expert team at The Nappy Gurus is always on hand to support you every step of the way, be it via helpful video guides, email and telephone support, or personalised recommendations.

Get in touch with The Nappy Gurus and start your cloth nappy journey today!

If you want more tips on becoming an eco-conscious parent, you can also buy Eco Baby by B Magazine’s Editor, Sally J. Hall.

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