I’m Weaning for a Wonder-Fueled Christmas

Help your baby feel part of the delicious festive meals this Christmas

Christmas is the time when families from young to old eat, drink and have fun together. But if you’ve got a little one at the complementary feeding stage, or an event with a young palate you might be dreading the added worry of making sure they feel part of the action and can join everyone else feasting at the table. Especially when you want to give their precious little tummies the very best.

As we all know, the first 1,000 days of a baby’s life are key to developing their appreciation of nutritious and healthy tasting foods. And there’s overwhelming evidence to show that if our little ones’ palates are nurtured well, they will naturally learn to love what’s best for them and their precious tummies. Complementary feeding isn’t just about fuelling a baby’s physical growth; it’s about introducing them to the wonderful world of shapes, textures, smells and tastes.  At Organix, we call this “Fuel Their Wonder”.

So to help parents and wean a happier Christmas, and to fuel their precious one’s wonder, Organix has come up with some top tips and inspiration to take the strain away, and ensure happy festive food times for even the smallest member of the family:

1.       If Christmas is going to be the time of first tastes and if the time is right and your baby is ready, start solid weaning a few days before Christmas, to ensure your baby isn’t too overwhelmed on the big day

2.       Encourage your little one to embrace the wonder that is food at Christmas. Most of a Christmas roast can be baby weaning friendly. Avoid honey if they’re under one, and also salty items such as pigs in blankets but many of the other elements make for perfect weaning foods – especially those beautiful vegetables but be careful of some textures such as crispy roast potatoes.

3.       Depending on what stage of weaning they’re at, you can either blend to puree or cut them into batons or strips as a finger food to help

4.       Inspire their curiosity – let them touch and play with all the food prior to eating

5.       Meat should also be blended in the early stages of complementary feeding as it can be a challenging texture but if turkey is not going to appeal, why not try a Lentil Roast? Check out a recipe from Organix, here

6.       Weaning is not a free for all – keep a watchful eye out for family members feeding your baby on the crisps, chocolate, nuts and similar types of foods high in salt and sugar that are abound at this time of year. Also keep an eye out for choking hazards such as whole nuts 

7.       For more curious minds, desperate to join in with what everyone else is snacking on, why not stock up on Organix melty puffs range,including our delicious Melty veggie sticks and carrot puffs. Naturally tasty food without the added nasties 

8.       Dessert doesn’t have to be a worry either with fun fruit plates or why not try this tasty recipe for a toddler-friendly Christmas Pudding recipe here

9.       And remember any leftover foods (as long as they have no added salt and/or sugar) can be used to make up babies’ meals later on during the week by freezing it in ice cubes blocks and popping out and defrosting when ready

10.    But most of all, remember that complementary feeding should be fun! Need further inspiration? Why not try out some of these: 

Chilly Snowman Fun Plate

It takes less than ten minutes to prepare this super fun festive plate complete with bananas, raisins, apple, dried apricot, all topped off with a yummy Organix banana baby biscuit. Suitable for 10 month plus

Festive Christmas Tree Fun Plate 

Suitable for babies over 7 months old, this fabulous festive tree contains carrot, cucumber, cooked red pepper, a few sweetcorn kernels, a scoop of hummus and three Organix finger foods carrot sticks for dipping.

You can find more easy weaning recipes at Organix’s website

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