Is midwife-led care the best choice for you?

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If you’re expecting your first baby, there are lots of delivery options available to you. How do you decide if midwife-led care is the best choice for you? We talk to the experts at the Kensington Wing

The Kensington Wing of the Chelsea & Westminster offers private midwifery-led care, best for those women who are having what is termed a ‘low risk’ pregnancy with no complications.

Their team of very experienced midwives will be on hand to look after you all throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth. They are kind, caring and committed to offering you the best attention. On call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they can offer help and advice on all your concerns during pregnancy and birth. They are also fully trained to do all your tests during pregnancy together with the ultrasound specialists. Most importantly, they will be there to deliver your baby.

If you were to experience complications or problems in pregnancy or during the birth, your midwife will refer you to a consultant obstetrician based at the hospital.

Midwife-led packages

If you would like to explore midwife-led care, and are considered low risk, get in touch for more details.

Do bear in mind that, should the status of your pregnancy change high risk, additional consultant fees will be charged and can be discussed with your consultant. You may alternatively decide to transfer to NHS care.

For more information visit the website or phone the Kensington Patient Liaison team on 020 3315 8616.

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