It Takes Two – the Importance of Partner Support

Survey praises the importance of partners just in time for Father’s Day

New mummies across the UK have praised the support they have received from their partners in getting started with breastfeeding. A survey of 1,000 mums conducted by the breastfeeding and breastpump brand Medela has shown that 93 per cent felt supported by their partner. 91 per cent of them felt confident that this support helped them establish breastfeeding.

Partners helped with several important jobs;

  • Night feeds
  • Providing drinks and snacks
  • Supporting with breatsfeeding positions

Nearly half the mummies hailed their partners as their very own breastfeeding super supporter. This is particularly important right now, as other support networks including access to health professionals is limited.

Alongside physical help, the survey also firmly showed the importance of emotional support and encouragement. This has a positive impact on all mummies’ mental wellbeing. Many participants said that their partner helped them build confidence when breastfeeding.

My husband has always been very supportive with encouraging me when I doubted our journey. He always ensured I had snacks and drinks, as well as being comfortable. He watches the baby in the evening and morning between feeds so that I can get extra sleep,” said one participant.

Medela, which encourages its community to celebrate the ups and talk openly about the downs when it comes to breastfeeding, was pleased to see the results confirming that partners are important. This will reassure partners that their support is crucial, even though they cannot feed the baby themselves.

Medela’s Marketing Manager, Charlotte Price, commented: ‘We know that breastfeeding and expressing can be challenging at times for new mums, so being able to rely on the support of a partner can really help prolong the feeding journey. We’re so pleased to see the results reflect the real importance of partners, especially as we approach Father’s Day. We will continue to applaud all aspects of parenting and breastfeeding at Medela, we are thrilled to incorporate the whole family unit within this as dads and partners certainly need celebrating too!”

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