Keri Jamieson of KeriKit

kerikit Keri Jamieson of KeriKit

What does it mean to you to be a British brand?

I am very proud of KeriKit’s and my own British heritage. I have striven to build KeriKit using values i feel are core to the Britain way of life. Britain is world renowned for leading the way in fashion, quality, workmanship and contemporary designs but infused within that has always been our explorer spirit, our ability to create from a world of influences and techniques. We are a multicultural society which functions at its best when being inclusive, KeriKit embodies a world of ideas with a British backbone, hopefully just like me.

What are the Brits best at?

We are never afraid to be brave. If you’re brave the world will always look to follow you and Brits are always pushing each other to find a better way, to develop a new idea or present a classic idea in a bold and inventive way. The bolder the better in my opinion! With the Jasper zebra one of our best sellers it’s clear that us Brits love to stand out from the crowd.

How did your company begin?

Through frustration! I went looking for a luxury leather changing bag when I found out I was expecting twins and was so disappointed by the lack of choice. Everything was either prohibitively expensive or not big enough, or of a high enough quality. Also, almost all of the options out there were just sack shaped which ends up pooling your belongings at the bottom of the bag! So i set about applying my 15 years of experience designing and buying handbags for the UK High Street, and with that  Kerikit was born – my fourth baby!

Do you now sell abroad?

We ship worldwide via our website.

Kerikit Charlie PonyWhat’s your best new product this year?

Each of my bags have their own personality and subtly different purposes. Everyone loves Charlie pony and Jasper Zebra due to their luxurious Italian leather pony skin and bold designs, whereas the Aryella is a great multi-functional bag with heaps of pockets. I use the Keri Jane every day as with three small children in tow I need the perfect multiples bag!