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pelvic floor

Naomi Isted, TV Presenter, Blogger ( talks about her weak bladder post childbirth – and what she did about it!


naomi isted“It’s something most women and sometimes men don’t want to talk about but it plagues so many of our lives. A weak bladder, which gets worse with age and childbirth, can cause embarrassment and anxiety but also general annoyance for simple day to day tasks.

I’ve always had a weak bladder. I drink copious amounts of water and have to plan my pee stops on a daily basis. Like a child, I’ll go to the loo before I leave the house, then the second I arrive at a coffee shop, meeting or station. The annoyance and anxiety starts if I’m driving and stuck in traffic. At least when I was pregnant I had the excuse to use toilets everywhere. But I had my second child and forgot to do the all-important pelvic floor exercises. The anxiety I could experience at the risk of a public embarrassment was horrendous. Simple days out to kids’ parks or busy places where there’s a queue for the toilet filled me with dread.

Read about pelvic floor exercises

Apart from the daily annoyance, my weak bladder also causes me to wake at least four or five times a night. Yet l I never even considered there might be a quick solution that could help me regain control.

I spoke to my GP and she said, start doing your pelvic floor exercises three times a day and in three or four months, it should get better. I just thought: “Oh my goodness are you kidding me?” I’m so manic, I barely remember to feed myself, let alone have time to do pelvic floors. So I left the clinic feeling quite despondent.

dr shirin lakhaniThen I met Aesthetic doctor, Dr Shirin Lakhani, who suggested the Oshot. She said it can make bladder control better and you can last much longer between pees. So of course I booked myself straight in. She said the original purpose of the Oshot was to intensify your orgasm – and frankly, after having had a baby, your sex life can also take a knock, so I thought great, what a fab procedure.

The treatment, a growing trend with celebrities, took around an hour. The doctor takes a vial of your blood. From this, your plasma is extracted, which will then be injected back in. Once the machine had done the job, Dr Shirin got to work and administered the injection ‘down there’ after numbing me. It was fairly uncomfortable but if it works, it is well worth the discomfort. Since the procedure, I have been going a lot less frequently to the toilet and can hold on a lot longer; in terms of the orgasm, all I can say is – wow!

Pelvic floor after childbirth

This treatment is popular in the States but Dr Shirin is one of the few doctors in the UK (and the first female doc) who has this marvelous machine. I wanted to share my story, as so many women have to suffer in silence and I want them to know that there are options that can have immediate results. The Oshot gave me immediate and incredible results; my confidence is so much better and I don’t feel anxious, which is life changing.

I was treated by Dr Shirin Lakhani at Elite Aesthetics in Greenhithe, Kent.

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