Measles on the increase warns WHO


The World Health Organization has warned that episodes of measles are on the increase

The disease was once under control in the UK, with few outbreaks. However, parents’ reluctance to innoculate their babies against the disease has meant an increase in the number of cases, with some countries saying that they have had ‘severe and protracted’ episodes.

Almost every area of the world has seen an increase, says WHO, with 30% more cases during 2017 compared to 2016.

Measles is extremely contagious and although many children can catch it with no serious effects, it can lead to devastating consquences including blindness, pneumonia and meningitis. There were 110,000 measles-related deaths during 2017 and WHO is concerned that 2018 cases may be as high, if not higher.

Though the UK had been declared measles-free, there were several outbreaks last year.

Parents are urged to vaccinate their children to protect them from the potentially serious consequences of the disease.


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