New SnuzPod is unveiled

The popular bedside crib has evolved to meet new Safety Standards and help parents get an even better night’s sleep.

Snüz, the much-loved baby sleep brand behind the UK’s leading bedside crib, is paving the way yet again with the arrival of SnüzPod⁴. The forward-thinking re-design is not only bursting with innovative sleep-inducing features, but it’s also one of the first of its kind to be tested to meet the NEW Bedside Crib Safety Standard.

The trusted brand has spent two years carefully re-designing and evolving its flagship SnüzPod to ensure it meets the new standard, whilst also developing a revolutionary new ComfortAir breathable system, to promise parents even more sleep! This is a truly exciting announcement from the brand as it reveals its biggest launch to date.

From November 2020, all bedside cribs will need to meet the new crib safety standard BS EN 1130:2019, with a requirement for a 12cm barrier or wall when in bedside mode. This standard still ensures easy access during the night, whilst also providing a barrier that removes the risk of baby rolling out of the crib. The new and improved safety standard means parents can rest easy knowing that their little ones can snooze safely by their bedside. It also provides convenience and reassurance having been tested and certified for use with the wall down overnight without having to zip it back up.

A new ComfortAir system makes SnüzPod⁴ even more breathable. With unique surface-level air-flow vents, an air-permeable mesh liner, and improved base ventilation to increase air flow, the innovative feature helps regulate baby’s temperature for a good night’s sleep. Pair this with its improved mattress, complete with a breathable 3D mesh cover for enhanced comfort and support – SnüzPod⁴ promises comfort, breathability, and safety all in one expertly designed crib.

SnüzPod⁴ has been crafted with care to include many other great features, while keeping the new standard front of mind.  Dual-view mesh windows and a new zip-down wall for bedside use to allow wall-down use overnight, keep mum and dad by baby’s side safely. With the new model fitting more beds than any other bedside crib on the market, Snüz has raised the bar in this category in more ways than one. SnüzPod⁴ allows a maximum adult mattress height of 73cm, which is a significant 10cm higher than SnüzPod3.

“We are thrilled to finally unveil SnüzPod⁴. It’s been two years in the making and since learning of the new standard, the team have worked tirelessly to ensure our much-loved bedside crib is not only fully compliant, but also provides the best night’s sleep for parent and baby” said Mark Nicholls, Brand Director at Snüz.  

“SnüzPod⁴ represents the evolution of our most popular crib. We’re extremely proud of the final result, not only is the latest design fully tested against the new standard, it also boasts the usual benefits and much more.”

Whilst boasting many new features, SnüzPod⁴ also retains all the much-loved features, such as the lightweight removable bassinet, for a consistent sleep environment wherever you go, and standalone crib mode. In bedside mode, the handy reflux incline is still a popular function to provide a gentle elevation to help soothe and comfort baby.

Known for its impeccable style, SnüzPod⁴ also sees the introduction of Rose White and Navy alongside the SnüzPod classics of Dove, White, and Natural, as well as Haze Grey and Urban which remain exclusives at specific retailers.

It costs £199.95 and you can discover more on the website

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