Nursery Checklist

What do you need to create the perfect nursery for your baby?

When you’re creating a nursery for your new arrival, there are some things that are essential and others that are nice to have.

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Then there’s all the fun of decorating and choosing fabrics, paper and paint colours. Don’t forget that you should have your baby in your bedroom for at least the first six months so that you can keep a close eye on her but getting the nursery ready in the last couple of months of pregnancy means you’ll have everything ready by the time you become a busy mum.

The Bed

  • Moses basket, bedside crib or cradle which can go next to your bed in the first few months. You could also use your pushchair’s carrycot if it has been certified for overnight sleeping and has a ventilated base.
  • Stand for your basket or crib, to make night feeds easier and help prevent backache
  • Cot or cotbed
  • A new, waterproof mattress in the correct size for the crib or cot
  • Mattress protectors
  • Flat and fitted sheets for the mattress in 100% cotton, bamboo or linen
  • Bedding – either two cotton cellular blankets or a couple of baby sleeping bags (Tog rated). Never use fleece blankets for a baby under one year old to prevent overheating.
  • A shawl for daytime cuddles
  • A swaddling wrap – make sure it’s not too warm and don’t wrap your baby too tightly
  • A cot bumper

Nursery Décor

  • Curtains or blinds. Consider blackout blinds as these can help establish a good sleep routine. They come in many sizes and colours.
  • Wallpaper, freizes and nursery stickers
  • Lampshades and a nightlight
  • Wardrobe, chest of drawers (look for one with a changer on top), storage units and a toy box or bags
  • Changing unit with an integral bath or a cot-top changer

Other Essentials

  • A comfortable chair for breast feeding. Look for a glider chair with stool.
  • Baby monitor
  • Room temperature thermometer – some monitors have these built in
  • Night light – again, some monitors have these
  • Mobile or lights and music player
  • A changing mat
  • Storage area for nappies or a nappy stacker
  • Nappy disposal bin or nappy sacks, bucket for washable nappies
  • A baby thermometer – look for a contactless one
  • A smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector
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