Pregnancy hair


Help! How do you cope with your pregnancy hormonal hair?

Before and after the birth, your hair geos through changes – thanks to those raging pregnancy hormones!

Ah, don’t we love those Old Wives’ Tales – you’ll get gorgeous, thick hair during pregnancy and that ‘pregnancy glow.’ For some lucky women, that may be the case but for many of us, changes to our bodies also herald bad hair days, during pregnancy and after baby comes along. Not to mention days when you’re too tired to face a full-on styling session.

Tired tresses

During early pregnancy you may find your hair is lank and lifeless. Try to avoid harsh chemicals and switch to natural, organic alternatives. You may want to avoid using hair dye too, as it can sting and cause a dry, flaky scalp. In the later months, hair stops falling out, so you’ll have thicker tresses – which sounds great but might be hard to control. Look for gentle products to soothe and tame without damaging and treat yourself to a really good quality hairbrush.

Help for hormonal hair

Help is at hand, as we have found the best products to soothe and enhance – and even some cheats for days when you’re just too tired to tame the tangles!

And – relax…

Cowlick gentle shampoo and saucy cow conditioner

Cowlick gentle shampoo and saucy cow conditioner, £8 each, Cowshed

Designed to leave your hair cleansed and silky, these gentle balancing products contain essential oils of ylang-ylang and lemon. Lavender oil refreshes, whilst moisturising carrot seed oil soothes the scalp.


Smooth operator…

Wooden paddle brush, £19, Aveda

Wooden paddle brush, £22, Aveda

Great for detangling, this has extended bristles that stimulate and massage the scalp for glossy locks.



Quick Cheat…

Lavender and sage hair powder, £10, Lulu Organics

Too tired for a wash and blow dry? Cheat by applying this deliciously fragrant powder to the roots of your hair to leave it smelling as fresh as newly washed hair.




Miracle oil…

Shine, £23, Aesop

A gorgeous citrus-scented oil formulated to hydrate, soften and add lustre to coarse, dry or frizzy hair, leaving no build-up or
oily residue.





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Fresh as a daisy…

Voluminous shampoo, £27, Rahua

Organic and 100% natural, this ensures you are chemical-free with clean, shiny hair. Protects against drying and it’s packed with lemongrass and green tea.





Tool kit…

Olive fruit oil deeply repairative hair pak

Olive fruit oil deeply repairative hair pak, £29, Kiehl’s

Repairs hair and conditions intensely, helping repair weakened hair fibres.




Tip top condition…

Voluminous conditioner, £27, Rahua

Voluminous conditioner, £27, Rahua

Use after washing to heal, hydrate and protect from UV exposure. Aloe adds vibrancy and it doubles as a smoothing cream when styling to add control and prevent frizz.




Glorious mud…

Pink hair and scalp mug, £32, Espa

Pink hair and scalp mug, £34, Espa

Made from mineral rich Red Clays, this conditions and leaves hair soft and smooth as silk. Enriched with vitamin C-packed Watercress and Apricot Kernel Oil.



Get a grip…

Classic hairspray, £20.50, Bumble and Bumble

Classic hairspray, £20.50, Bumble and Bumble

Suitable for pregnant hair that needs a little tender care, this has a subtle sheen and softness and brushes out like a breeze.






Losing your locks?

Once baby arrives, you may start to lose some hair. Don’t panic, this is quite natural and is just the extra hair you kept during pregnancy falling out. Keep using natural, gentle products and a soft brush and your crowning glory will soon be back to its pre-pregnancy best. If you miss your thicker locks, look for treatments that offer volume and try some brand new hairstyles, too.


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