Pregnancy Nutrition

Your pregnancy nutrition is very important for you and for your developing baby, so we have put together some features to help you choose what’s best for you and your baby and show you what foods to avoid, too.


Vitamins in pregnancyPregnancy Vitamins

What pregnancy supplements, vitamins, folic acid and pro-biotics should you take? Do you need fish oils? This feature tells you what pills to pop for a healthy pregnancy.




zwSome of the best pregnancy vitamins and supplements

This gives you the low-down on some of the best pills to take during pregnancy for optimum nutrition




shutterstock_252152068Foods to avoid when pregnant

Liver, soft cheese, alcohol and fish – what should you eat and what should you avoid when you’re pregnant?



spiced raspberriesWhat to eat for a healthy pregnancy

A run-down of all the vitamins you need to make a healthy baby, two great smoothies to give you an instant vit hit plus we talk fertility expert Zita West and Dr Marilyn Glenville about nutrition before and during pregnancy

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