Pregnant women can eat runny eggs

Pregnant women can eat runny eggs

Great news for women who love their eggs slightly undercooked or enjoy mayonnaise, as pregnant women can eat runny eggs now. The Government has declared that they are now safe and Salmonella-free.

30 years ago, the junior Health Minister Edwina Currie declared that eggs were safe and free from Salmonella – only to be proven wrong. The incident caused a national scandal.

Now however, after 30 years of better health procedures, eggs with the “Lion mark” have been deemed safe for vulnerable groups including pregnant women, young children and the elderly who might be more at risk from complications follwoign food poisoning.

Chickens are now routinely vaccinated against salmonella, which can cause tomach upsets. There are also improved animal welfare and food hygiene measures

The “British Lion Mark” is a logo that cane be used to date and trace all eggs in the UK.

Heather Hancock from the Food Standards Agency’s says: “We are now saying if there is a British Lion egg, you’re safe to do (eat it runny). The risk of salmonella is now so low you needn’t worry. And that’s true whether you’re a fit healthy adult, or whether you’re pregnant or elderly or young. It’s only people on strictly medically supervised diets who need to avoid those eggs.”

For pregnant women and young children, eggs are a good dietary addition, as they contain protein, Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids.

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