Angelcare AC401 Video with Movement & Sound Monitor Review

B Loves: Full range of features, cute nightlight.

The halo nightlight on top of this monitor helps you find your way around the baby’s room at night. With a sensor mat that you slip under your baby’s mattress (use a piece of hardboard to create a hard base) it will raise the alarm is no movement is sensed from your baby for more than 20 seconds. The baby unit can be used with mains electricity or by using batteries and its camera can be zoomed, tilted and panned to get the best view of your sleeping baby. When it’s dark, it switches to a night vision function, so you can still see your little one. The parent unit is rechargeable and has an eight hour battery life. With a range of 200m, it provides good quality sound inside the house, though not so good if you pop into the garden. It has a talk-back function so you can chat with your baby to soothe her and a thermometer that displays the temperature of the room and sounds an alarm if the room is too hot or cold.

The Small Print

  • Monitor type: Digital
  • Video display? Yes
  • Temperature display:?Yes
  • Talkback feature? Yes
  • Range: 200m

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