Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor AC117 Review

B Loves: Monitor pad gives peace of mind

This is a monitor with a sensor pad to give you complete peace of mind when your baby is asleep in another room.

There’s a sensor pad that you place under your baby’s mattress and that sets off an alarm if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds. When in normal use, the sensor pad is so sensitive that it can detect your baby’s breathing, so if there is no movement, there may be a problem. You do have to bear in mind that your baby may wriggle off the pad and set it off as a false alarm but for parents, particularly those that have suffered a previous baby loss, this can give the reassurance you need that your baby is safe. The sensitivity adjustable.

The nursery unit sends sound transmissions to the parent unit and the sound is clear and interference-free thanks to digital DECT technology. It can be laced on a stand on. flat surface or wall-mounted.

The parent unit has a temperature display so that you always know what the temperature is in the nursery. This means you can take action if it’s too hot (which can be a risk factor for SIDS) or too cold. There’s also a visual temperature display that shows you that the room is too hot (red), too cold (blue) or just right (white). The unit is portable and can be recharged

If your baby is unsettled you can help them get back to sleep by talking to them through the two-way talkback feature. This is helpful if your baby just needs a little reassurance and you might otherwise disturb them more by going into the room.

There is a nightlight on the baby unit too, so you can see what you’re doing when you need to go into the room for a night time nappy change or a feed.

The range is 230 metres.

The Small Print

  • Monitor type: Digital
  • Video display? Yes
  • Temperature display? Yes
  • Talkback feature? Yes
  • Range: 230 m


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