Awair air quality monitor review

B Loves: Sylish and easy to use

The Awair monitor is a small, neat and stylish air quality monitor that you can use to check how clean – or dirty – the air in your home is. Great for nurseries, it means you can keep a close eye on what pollutants might be lurking and take action. It is ideal for those who suffer from allergies such as hayfever or asthma, as it means you can decide to take action on poor air quality by purchasing a purifier, opening a window or another method.

We tried the Awair with the Vax air purifier – see our review here.

Awair is able to keep track of the toxins in the air including chemicals, dust, pollen, carbon dioxide and it also shows the humidity and temperature of your home. Using a simple app on your phone or tablet, you can check what’s going on inside the house and the unit itself also has a display, so that you can have a snapshot of air quality. It measures VOCs too – those are Volatile Organic Compounds and are found in things like paint, varnish, cleaning products and toiletries. Measuring humidity is important, as a home that is too damp may be prone to mould and mildew, which can be a breathing irritant. It has a special “baby” mode too.

Setting the Awair up is easy – simply plug in the unit, download the app (iOS or Android) and then pair it and you’re ready to go. The app uses easy-to-understand icons to show you what problems might need addressing.

The unit itself has the look of a classic Roberts Radio and would sit beautifully in any home. It’s also made from natural materials including North American walnut and is toxin free. When you’re not using it to check the air, it displays the time and it has a handy indicator for the air – green is good and red is bad! Tap the top and it shows your current score and if it’s higher, it’s better.

In all, this is a neat little piece of kit that is very easy to use and the results it gives are easy to understand. It offers tips to help you improve your air quality from the Mayo Clinic and it is a very stylish addition to your home.


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