BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Move Review

B Loves: Very comfortable thanks to its waist belt and back support

The BabyBjorn Move is a very comfortable carrier, especially if you want to wear your baby for a longer time. It’s great if you have a baby that finds it difficult to settle or that has colic, as you can keep your little one close to you and upright for longer periods. It’s also good, of course, for going out when you don’t want to take a pram or you’re going somewhere that a pram would be difficult.

It has well padded and supportive back sections and waist belt, plus the well padded shoulder straps mean that even a heavier baby won’t fel uncomfortable as the baby’s weight is spread across your whole torso. The carrier is made from soft mesh fabric that allows air to flow and keeps both you and your little one from getting over-heated. It also helps the carrier to dry quickly when you wash it. The 3D mesh fabric is approved to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products.

Putting the carrier on is very easy and you can do this, place your baby in the carrier and remove it without help once you have got the knack. Make sure you take some time when you first get it to explore the clasps and straps, making it the right size for you and for your baby before you try it for the first time.

The Move grows with your baby thanks to its adjustable head support section and the  length of the back section, the seat section for your baby’s bottom plus the position in which you place your baby’s legs. This ensures your baby’s spine, head, pelvis and legs are all held in the most comfortable and ergonomically correct position.

From birth, you use the carrier with your baby facing you and with their head well supported by the head section. Once your baby can hold up their head for a while at a time, you can choose to carry your baby facing out – this will usually be from about five months.

If your baby has gone to sleep in the Move, simply unfasten the whole of the front section so that you can take your baby out without waking them. The shoulder straps stay on you like a waistcoat, meaning you can lift your baby up to your chest and simply refasten the front when you want to get on the move again.

Unlike some carriers, the Baby Carrier Move does not need a separate newborn insert and it fits your baby from birth (minimum weight 3.2 kg). It holds your child up to around 15 months or a maximum weight of 12 kg).

Like all of BabyBjorn’s carriers, the Move has been classified as “hip-healthy”  when used correctly by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

You can buy a couple of accessories for the Carrier; a bib to help keep it dribble-free and a cover to keep your baby warm in cold weather.

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