BabyBjorn Carrier One Air Review

B Loves: Ergonomically correct to protect your baby’s spinein an airy mesh fabric

The BabyBjorn Carrier One is a great concept – all the functionality of the traditional BabyBjorn carrier but with options that allow you not only to use it for longer but also allow you to alter the way you carry your baby.

Suitable from birth (3.5kg), you begin using the carrier with your baby facing you and with the top section raised up to support your baby’s head. You should take some time trying out the carrier when you first get it, as many people put it on without realising that it’s as personal as something like adjusting your shoelaces. Don’t even try to put your baby in it until you have made sure that it is adjusted to fit you, that the shoulder straps are the right length and that the waist belt is sitting comfortably around your pelvis – this helps to spread your baby’s weight across your whole torso rather than having baby hanging from your shoulders. Then do up one side of the carrier and slide your baby in from the other before making sure that all the clips are properly engaged. The clips do up with good, positive ‘clunk’ noises so that you can be sure you’ve got it right. It helps to have someone help you at first but in no time you’ll be able to pop your baby in and out in a flash. Some people find it useful to lie your baby on the changing table, lift their feet and slip the whole of the front flap under them, then raise the whole thing up, holding baby with one hand whilst you do up the clips.

Your baby should be sitting nice and high on your chest, so that if you tilt your head you can just kiss the top of your baby’s.

When your baby is able to hold up his or her head well, you can turn them around the face the front, folding the top section down. Most babies love the sudden freedom to see what’s going on around them. The carrier adjusts to fit as they grow and provides a good, ergonomically designed seating area to protect the development of their hips and spine.

The third position you can use this carrier in is on your back. It is actually possible to change to this position when you have the carrier already fastened on to you though in practice you may end up using it on your front until your baby is a little older and swap to wearing him on your back when he’s a bit bigger – though it’s quite easy to put it on your front, then put your arms through the straps as if taking off a t-short, one at a time. Its smooth inner lining allows it to glide around your body. This leaves your hands free for shopping etc and also means you can continue to wear it longer than other carriers, as the weight is spread to your hips and pelvis. You can carry your child up to three years of age in this position. It is still comfortable, thanks to its padded shoulder straps and wide waist belt which make it comfortable to wear even for long periods for the parent.

In all, this is a great carrier that builds on the success and comfort of the earlier BabyBjorn models like the Miracle but gives you so much more as you can wear it for longer.

This version of the Carrier One is made from an airy mesh fabric that allows good air flow to keep you and your baby comfortable and to prevent overheating. It also makes it quick to dry after washing. It’s made from BabyBjorn’s 3D mesh fabric that consists of three layers: super-soft mesh on the inside next baby, strong and non-elastic mesh on the outer layer and between these is a layer of filling consisting of a fine, single-fiber thread that gives it the stability of padding without the weight or warmth.


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