BabyBjorn Highchair Review 

B Loves: Compact to store and easy to clean

A highchair that grows with your baby, this is a contemporary and simple design that is characteristic of Scandinavian design. It’s also practical and easy to clean. The chair’s seat is moulded to support your little one in a good ergonomic position to allow for good muscle and bone development and helps keep her hips in a comfortable position, too. The tray keeps your baby snugly in the seat and has a two-stage locking mechanism that only the parent or carer can activate, which is good if you have an older child who might accidentally open the chair. It is better than a harness that babies soon learn how to get out of. As soon as your baby can sit for a while unaided, they can go into the seat and as this is usually at around six months this coincides nicely with weaning. It can continue to be used up to three years old, so is good value for money. You can take the tray right off and pop it into the dishwasher and all the surfaces where you put food or some might fall, are smooth, so it’s easy to wipe clean. When it’s not in use, the chair can be folded so that you can put it in a corner or in a cupboard.

The Small Print
Suitable for: Around 6 months to 3 years.
Height positions: 1
Recline positions: none

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