Babymoov Babycamera 0% Emissions Video Monitor Review

B Loves: Low emissions and sleek design

Babymoov’s new Babycamera 0% emission video monitor responds to parents’ concerns about emissions near their baby. It claims that there are no radio waves in your baby’s bedroom due to something it calls PLC technology: instead of the signal travelling through the air using microwaves, the image of your baby and the signals to and from the monitor go via the electrical circuit installed in the baby’s room to an internet box. This means no electromenagnetic waves in your baby’s’s room. The camera connects up with an app so that you can view your baby on your smart phone and you are also able to control its functions with your phone (Apple or Android), such as the nightlight, music and temperature and remotely. It has night vision so that you are able to see your bay even when the room is dark and you are also able to record video and stills footage to treasure and share with friends. You can set the sensitivity levels with you phone so that you are alerted when your baby is crying and you are able to calm and soothe your baby from outside the room with the unit’s walkie talkie function. Lullabies will help get your baby off to sleep and you can share the images to more than one phone, so that both mum and dad can share the images, or a babysitter can use their own phone when caring for your baby.

The Small Print

  • Monitor type: Digital
  • Video display? Yes, on your phone
  • Temperature display? No
  • Talkback feature? No
  • Range:

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