Babymoov Digital Green Monitor Review

B Loves: Huge range and may be better for your baby due to low emissions

One of the best ranges of any monitor, this will reach around 800 metres (though thick walls may interfere), so large houses and long gardens will not prevent you from hearing when your baby needs you.It also makes claims that its low emissions will be better for your baby; we often hear that wifi signals may be bad for us but the science behind this is still being explored. However, if there’s a digital monitor that can help cut down on harmful emissions, so much the better. You can talk to your baby from another room, helpful if you don’t want to disturb her too much but just soothe her back to sleep. You can set it to pick up all sounds or just your baby’s voice, it has an adjustable volume control and you can switch the parent unit to vibrate instead of sounds. The parent and baby units have LCD screens and a battery life indicator and you can also see what the temperature is in the baby’s room, to give you peace of mind. There’s a night light too on the baby’s unit. The baby unit can be used plugged into the mains or you can use a rechargeable lithium battery – great for trips and holidays. The parent unit takes three AAA batteries or can also be used with mains power. It comes with a three year guarantee.

The Small Print

  • Monitor type: Digital
  • Video display? No
  • Temperature display? No
  • Talkback feature? Yes
  • Range: 800m

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