BEABA Babycook review

B Loves: Comes in lots of fab new colours

If you are a bit at sea about how to prepare fresh, nutritious food for your weaning baby, you might think a fork is all you need to create purées for your little one. But the addition of a piece of kit like this to your kitchen can be a great help, because it allows you to make food quickly and simply, keeping all those nutrients in.

beaba babycook

The Babycook has four functions:

  • Steam cooking
  • Blends
  • Defrosts
  • Reheats

Let’s start with steaming. Whether you’re cooking vegetables or rice, you can place the cut up veg (or fruit) in the bowl and place it in the Babycook to steam; this also means you can collect the cooking liquid, which you can then use to mix with the purée, which is full of nutrients. It cooks the food in about 15 minutes and has a timer to turn it off, meaning you don’t need to stand watching the unit. The end of the cooking process is signalled with a light and a sound.

BEABA Babycook

The steamer basket is used inside a jug that attaches to the Babycook as the main jug of your food processor would. It has a capacity of 1100ml so you can create large amounts of food for freezing or refrigerating – though you can use less if you’re just making a meal’s worth. Inside is a blade that takes just second to chop and blend the food to your desired consistency, whether smooth, lumpy or chunky. The jug has measurements printed on the side so that you can fill it according to the recipes on the handy booklet that comes with the unit.

It’s easy to clean and compact to store. You can also use it for adult food – small sauces, soups, coulis and other foods are easy to make. It comes with its own spatula for getting every scrap out of the jug and it doubles as a handle to lift out the steamer basket.

Best of all,  there is just one control to use and you can use it one-handed – and as you will often have a baby in the other, that’s a benefit.

The Babycook comes in several different versions:

BEABA Babycook


Beaba Babycook original £100 (above), which comes in this colour only

BEABA Babycook

Beaba Babycook £120 (above), which comes inwhite with green accents, grey with white accents, red with chrome accents and Rose Gold

BEABA Babycook

Beaba Babycook Plus (double unit, above), £160 which comes in white and green or grey and whit. The double unit means you can create even more delicious food and can whip up the main course and dessert in one go.

and the new Babycook Neo (above), £160 which comes in Night Blue or Grey/White. This version is the only baby food maker with a glass bowl and a stainless-steel steam basket. It uses less energy than most kitchen appliances and the materials used in its construction, such as the glass bowl, enable the reduction of CO2 emissions by 48%. Its cooking optimisation and mixing time reduces energy use by 45% and the modulation power cooking reduces energy and water use by 50%

There are lots of accessories to buy too, to make cookign for your little one simple and quick. And when you aren’t making baby food, the Babycook functions as the perfect food processor for small quantities too, such as sauces and soup bases.

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