Blueair Classic 400 Series Particle Filter review

B Loves: Powerful yet quiet on lower settings.

BlueAir has a range of air purifiers. We tested the BlueAir 405.

BlueAir classic 405

This purifier is effective against an impressive list of allergens and particles including pollen, dust, pet dander, mould, bacteria and viruses and even dust mites.

Drawing polluted air in through the unit, it passes the flow through an ionizer, then a filter that is able to remove particles down to 0.1 microns in size. It claims to capture 99.97% of those particles, so is ideal for use in a nursery, especially if your baby is suffering from asthma or if you live in an urban area.

The unit uses two types of filtration – firstly, it physically captures particles in the HEPASilent filter and it also captures them electrostatically. The filter is a collection of hundreds and hundreds of ultra-thin fibres, differing in sizes and woven together to make a filter that can take even tiny particles out of the air as it passes through. The filter is made from Polypropylene, and environmentally friendly materials which is biodegradable and antibacterial, so mould and bacteria cannot continue to grow once trapped in the fibres.

BlueAir classic 405

How to work it

There is an easy to read control panel that allows you to turn the unit on and off, connect to Wifi so that you can control it from your phone using the BlueAir Friend app. You can see how clean the air is and at the same time find out information about the air quality outside, in most major urban areas, so you can see how well the unit is working. It is a good choice for rooms of around 40 m2 and for those who are suffering from asthma and breathing difficulties. It is a quiet unit so will not disturb a sleeping baby, especially on the lower speeds – in fact, the hum may work like a white noise machine so may even help your child to sleep. You can buy new filters to keep it working as efficiently as possible (the unit will tell you when it needs changing) and they also provide an air quality monitor to help you keep an eye on the quality of air inside your home.

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