Bluebell Baby Monitor Review

B Loves: This monitor not only keeps an eye on your baby, it helps with your physical and mental wellbeing too

The new Bluebell Smart Monitoring System is a great way to help you keep an eye on your baby at all times when they are asleep. It has been designed by doctors and it comes with the only wearable monitor for parents too. It helps you to establish a sleep and feeding routine, as it stores information so you can see when your baby is likely to be hungry or tired. Though a little more expensive than some monitors, it totally taps into modern parents’ lives, where everything can be seen and monitored with apps.

It includes:

  • Wearable Baby monitor
  • Parent wristband
  • Smart hub
  • Bluebell app

The Baby Monitor attaches to baby’s clothing and then it monitors breathing silently, keeps an eye on the skin temperature of your baby, can detect cries, know when your baby is awake or when they roll on their tummy.  It gives you instantaneous visual and vibration alerts on your phone app and the wristband too. This is useful if your baby can roll onto their front but not back over and it avoids your little one getting into a potentially uncomfrtable or dangerous position. If no movements are detected, it will send you an alarm too, which is great for epace of mind.

The Parent Wristband also helps your wellbeing, as it tracks your sleep, and your as well as your mood to promote positive mental health.

The Smart Hub can monitor the temperature of the  room and noise levels in it, so it creates a calming sleeping environment for your baby. You can listen to your baby and speak to them through the mobile app from anywhere. It also plays lullabies and has a nightlight – all controlled from your app.

The Mobile app lets you learn your baby’s routine and set reminders and you can record baby’s milestones.

It comes with a handy a watch that you wear so that you can check up on your little one from where ever you are. It also alerts you if your baby cries via an app that you download to your phone. It detects:

  • Breathing
  • Temperature
  • Crying
  • If your baby rolls on their front

This is a neat monitor in several pieces. First, you clip the strap on to the baby and the parent strap on you. Connect it via the app and it sends notifications when baby moves, cries or fails to breathe. It gives you peace of mind that your baby is safe an it’s unusual in having a setting that allows you to see if your baby has turned onto her front; on her back is the safest way for your baby to sleep. It also ensures that your baby is not overheating, another risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Cot Death.

Because the monitor sends you notifications to a watch-style wrist strap, you can be anywhere in the house or garden and still be able to check on your baby. You can also record your baby’s sleep times and be able to build up a picture of their sleep patterns, plus feeding and changing times.

The unit you leave in the room with your baby also plays lullabies and had a night light. Both can be controlled from outside the room, so you won’t disturb your baby unnecessarily.