Britax King II ATS Car Seat Review

B loves: Light and sound harness indicator so that you know if your baby is not properly buckled up.

This is a Group 1 car seat that is suitable for children from nine to 18 kg or around nine months to four years. Well padded and comfortable for your child, this seat is fitted facing forwards and is easy to fix securely in your car thanks to a clever tilting system that means you can access the seat belt guides without the seat being in your way. Inside the seat is a secure five point harness that fits snugly and has good pads to ensure comfort. It also have a light and sound harness indicator that lets you know when the seat is properly tensioned, so it is neither too tight for your baby nor too loose for safety. The headrest is integral to the harness and can be adjusted from the front as your child grows – just make sure the lowest edge of the headrest is at your child’s shoulder for the best position. Clever hooks hold the harness open as you get your child in and out so that you don’t end up fishing for straps underneath them and then the buckle clicks securely together with a reassuring snap. You pull on the shoulder straps to ensure the pelvis straps are tight enough around your child, then one pull on the harness strap positioned between your child’s legs to pull the chest straps taut, listening for the double click that tells you it is at the right tension – a green light will also come on. You should be able to slip no more than two fingers under the straps at your child’s chest to know that it is properly fitted. The fabric feels luxurious and good for warm or cold weather and the whole seat is a generous size and feels comfortably padded.

The Small Print

  • Suitable for: 9 to 18kg
  • Weight: 10.3kg
  • Fits: using your car’s three point seat belts

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