Britax Trifix Review

B Loves: Is fixed into the car using both Isofix and Top Tether

This seat may be on the large side and quite heavy but its safety features are such that you will find this a positive benefit rather than a drawback – and if you’re going to put it in your car and leave it there, rather than swapping it from car to car, you’ll only need to lift it that one time. It can be used from when your baby reaches nine kilos, or when they grow out of their Group 0+ car seat, right up to 18 kilos, or around four years; be sure you check your child’s weight regularly as they reach the upper limit.

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It is installed with both Isofix and ‘V-Tether’, a strap that attaches to the top of the baby’s seat and then over the top of the car’s seat to a fixing point on the chassis. This system gives an additional edge for safety. Installation is easy. Pulling a strap extends the Isofix prongs at the back of the seat and you click these into the car’s Isofix points, located where the car’s seat meets its backrest. Next, you take the v-strap, pass it over the back of the car’s seat and this attaches to another fixing point on the chassis.What’s the point of this extra strap? The mechanics behind it are, that if you are involved in a crash, the fixing points and a system in the seat called ‘Pivot Link’ reduce forward motion. In other words, the car has been moving forwards and if there’s a crash, that movement is suddenly arrested. The tendancy for items inside the car to keep moving forwards is high but this system takes that energy and focuses it downwards rather than forwards. The sides of the seat are well padded, with energy-absorbing ‘Si-Pad Technology’ pads to keep your baby’s head protected in the event of side impact. Both the headrest and the five point safety harness with its chest and crotch pads can be adjusted as your baby grows using a lever located on the rear of the seat. It has several recline positions so you can find one to suit your baby. It has a handle to help you carry it and the covers can be removed for washing.

The Small Print

  • Suitable for: 9 to 18kg
  • Weight: 10.7kg
  • Fits: using your car’s Isofix points and also with a v-tether

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