Bugaboo Fox Review

B Loves: A long-lasting and very manouevrable option that can be personalised to suit you

Bugaboo is steadily creating a range of pushchairs that will suit all of your needs and the Fox is a model that is as good in the city as it is in the countryside, so perhaps it’s perfect for those who go between the two frequently. It’s a larger pushchair, so best for those who have larger car boots and plenty of space in the hallway at home though it does fold down compactly, with two fold options.

Carrycot: You can use the Fox from birth if you add the Bugaboo carrycot, which is deep and comfortable and can be used from birth to six months. You use the fabric from the seat unit on the carrycot at first and then swap it onto the seat frame. This may be slightly tricky to do but you only need to do this the once, so don’t worry about it too much.

Seat: This is a generous and well-padded seat that is deep as well, so it will not only hold your child from the very earliest days up into toddler years but it will also make your baby feel cosy and secure. It can be reclined using just one hand and has four positions in both parent- and world-facing modes. It’s easy to switch from front to rear facing using the buttons on either side of the seat and because they are memory buttons, you can release one side at a time but it won’t click back into place, which would be annoying! The melange fabric covering the seat is made from 50% recycled materials, others from 100% recycled, which makes it a good choice ethically and they are easy to wash as they can be removed. Inside the seat is a five-point harness with good pads for the shoulders and crotch and a white buckle that’s easy for the parent to operate (but not for the child) and it will keep your little one safe. The bumper bar opens on either side or can be removed completely and it has a very nice leather cover with neat stitch details. The hood is large and extends with a zip-open section that makes it even larger, so it will shade your baby from the sun or protect from wind and rain.

Chassis: The Bugaboo chassis are all good but this one combines both lightness of weight, thanks to aviation-grade aluminium, with sturdiness, so it will still be in use for many years – and perhaps for several babies. It is extremely easy to push, even one-handed and it takes corners like a Maclaren Formula One car. It looks sleek and the parts of the chassis are slimmer than some other pushchairs, making it look as great for city slickers as country lovers. Even with the seat on it, it weighs only 9.9kg, so it’s a slimline option. With the legs of the chassis coming together in a central joint, the suspension on the chassis is very good with suspension points on the rear wheel arms too and it will turn even the bumpiest of surfaces into a smooth ride. The handle can be adjusted through several position and is adjusted using the white clips on each side – as with all Bugaboo products, any part that ‘does’ something is white, to make it easy to see. This means it is suitable for pushers of any height and when you have to jump on a bus or train, you can push the handle right down to make it fit compactly in a pushchair space – plus the safety strap means you will feel secure even next to busy roads or if you’re pushing one-handed. The brake is easy to put on and it has a clever red section that shows when the brakes are engaged. The good-sized shopping basket will carry plenty of luggage – up to 10kg in fact -and it has higher mesh sides to stop your bags from falling out. The fold is easy to perform and you can fold the chassis with the seat or carrycot on it or take it off for an even more compact fold – remove the wheels too if you have a small car boot. To fold, you push white buttons on either side of the chassis and then pull the handle up and over and the frame collapses. It locks in place when folded. To unfold, you grasp and twist the lock disc and pull the whole thing open again.

Wheels: All four of the wheels are a good size, with the front ones measuring up at 21.5cm and the rear ones at a generous 30.5. They are made from strong rubber so will be long lasting. They can be removed quickly and easily if you want to clean them or if you need to fold the pushchair and get it into a small space. Personalise them with wheel hubs (£16.95) in white, dark red, stellar reflective, black or our favourite, a nice birch wood effect finish.

Extras: The pushchair come with its own raincover that has a neat pouch it folds into. You can add a parasol, cup holder and even a phone holder and there’s a neat ride-on board for older children. If you’re travelling or storing the pushchair, there’s a sturdy transport bag (£124.95). There’s a footmuff (£104.95) in 13 colours for colder weather, a high performance footmuff (154.95) too and a seat liner (£49.95) that comes in six great colours, plus a wool version (£104.95) and a breezy version (£59.95). If you’re going somewhere warm, the mosquito net (£14.95) will keep your baby from biting insects. Add a smartphone holder (£29.95), a light cotton blanket (£59.95) and a soft wool blanket £89.95), a cup holder (£19.95), parasol (£39.95) and a ray for baby’s drinks and snacks (£59.95). For your gear, there’s a mammoth bag (£139.95) or a changing bag (£119.95) and an organiser (£44.95). The wheeled board carries toddlers (£90) and you can add the breezy sun canopy (£94.95) for warmer weather.

The Small Print:

  • Used from: birth to 17 kg
  • Weight: 9.9. kg
  • Seat reclines: four
  • Size when folded: 61.5 x 64.5 x 38 cm
  • Car seat: Bugaboo Turtle

Colours: There are lots of choices for various parts of the pushchair, meaning you’ll never find someone next to you at the supermarket counter with the same pushchair look. The chassis has two options, aluminium or black and you can add one of four wheel hub options. The handlebar grip has three choices, the hood comes in one of eleven colour options, and the seat fabric in one of four.

The Fox is also available in the colourful By Bas collection, see more here.

bugaboo fox

You can add the new Bugaboo Turtle car seat to make this into a travel system.