Dyson Humidifier Review

B Loves: sleek design and efficient air quality control

The Dyson humidifier is a new product from the people who brought you the bagless vacuum cleaner (and the must-have new hairdryer) that has been designed to help you keep the air in your home healthy. It works by maintaining the right levels of humidity in your home, which can be especially beneficial for people who suffer from allergies such as asthma and hay fever, and skin problems like eczema.

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Living in a fairly wet country, you might not at first see the benefits of buying a humidifier but there are a few reasons and instances when they are helpful. During the winter, the moisture levels in the air are often very low and having more humid air can help with breathing and with preventing chapped lips. Your skin feels better if it is not dried out and a humidifier can also help prevent your catching coughs and colds. It is great when used in an air conditioned environment, which can be very dry.

The machine looks sleek and modern and is based on the design of Dyson’s popular heater and fan. It delivers a measured amount of hydration into the air constantly, so that you can avoid the problem of dry air. Most importantly, it does so extremely quietly, meaning that it is perfect for a nursery – in fact, it has been awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society. With a remote control, you can turn it on and off from the doorway of your child’s room without waking them. It’s magnetic, so it can be stored on the body of the humidifier and it has 10 settings to choose from.

Inside is a reservoir that you top up with simple tap water. This is exposed to a patented system that uses Ultraviolet light which cleanses and treats the water two times over, killing 99.9% of bacteria that might be present (even E coli) before transforming the water into a fine mist that is distributed across the entire room evenly. This is a major advantage, as humidifiers that do not have this feature are often infested with bacteria in the tank. It also regulates the temperature in the room, so you can choose from the settings to get the right temperature and the right humidity for you.

The machine has a timer and can offer 18 hours’ continuous use and also has a function to distribute high velocity air so you can use it to cool your home in summer.

The small print:

  • Height 580mm
  • Weight 3.4kg
  • Cord length 2m

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